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  • Special Hours to Members

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  • Priority Reservations

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Twice Weekly Restore


Eight monthly 60 min HBOT Sessions + supplemental O2 😮‍💨

Enjoy two visits a week. An excellent way to keep on track of your health goals and your busy lifestyle while keeping your immune system strong.

Weekly Balance


Four Monthly 60 min HBOT Sessions + supplemental O2 😮‍💨

Weekly visits can help with goals such as athletic performance and recovery, deeper sleep, reduce inflammation, and improved mood.

The Energy Boost


Two Monthly 60 min HBOT Sessions + supplemental O2 😮‍💨

Two visits a month on your schedule. A great way to stay keep focused, improve energy, and have better

mental clarity.


There's a two month minimum for all memberships. After two months, memberships are month-to-month.

To cancel your membership please give us a 30 day notice by emailing us at

*Memberships can be shared with one other person. If you would like to authorize another person to use your membership

let us know and we will enter them in the system as an authorized user. *Only ONE extra member per membership.

By signing up for a membership your are authorizing a monthly charge by HBOT Planet to your

Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover.

HBOT Improves Mood & Feelings of Calm

(Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) delivers surplus of oxygen to the mind and body, decreasing stress, anxiety, removing toxins from the body.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapies

There are 100's of off label uses for mHBOT (Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy). Here at HBOT Planet in Corona Hills

we it make it possible for you to relax and and enjoy all the

benefits that Hyperbaric therapy has to offer...


Get more nutrients and more oxygen to the working tissue while getting the waste products away from the it. Improve circulation, nourish, and feed the tissue that needs it and get rid of those waste products effectively. We can massively improve the overall performance of that



As more oxygen is being spread throughout the circulation system and tissues within the body, it stimulates the body's response system. Oxygen helps reduce anxiety and stress levels due to heightened levels of oxygen within the brain which in

turn creates a calming



With mHBOT, we improve your cellular age. Improving the capacity of your cells to function more optimally as younger cells do. When we up regulate the oxygen specifically, we create waves of increasing and decreasing oxygen levels. Replacing old

cells with new ones hence reverse aging.


HBOT detoxification process and helps clear toxins stored in the body. Opening up the circulation into damaged tissues and normalizing various enzyme systems. Eliminating mold, heavy metals, and other toxins while Improving energy, gifting you with deeper more restful sleep, and mental clarity.


I had been struggling with the various types and intensities of back pains for all of my adult life. Thank God one of my friends referred me here…

You just cannot enjoy the life to its fullest when you are struggling with the muscular pain all of the time. This was the reason why I eventually started…

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4300 Green River Rd, Corona Hills, CA

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